BiPhoria – Bi More Oil vol 2

Kyler Quinn and Davin Strong are chatting at home with their friend Hatler Gurius when a delivery of massage oil is dropped at the front door. Once the package is opened, Hatler offers to go outside to have "Oil time" with all that oil. On the edge of the swimming pool, the three friends undress and start oiling the bodies of others. Each caresses the other two and the whole thing continues with an exchange of caresses and three-way kisses. Body oily, Davin sucks Hatler off with Kyler in a double blowjob. The action continues with Kyler in cowgirl on Davin while Hatler licks Kyler's ass then sucks Davin's dick. Hatler then sits on Davin's cock while Kyler sucks Hatler's hard cock. Kyler will join the two guys in sitting on Hatler's outstretched dick. Afterwards, Kyler will satisfy himself by stroking his partners penis together while sucking both cocks at the same time. The scene continues with Hatler fucking Davin while Kyler gets his pussy eaten. Finally, Kyler will lick Davin's balls and suck his cock while Hatler fucks Davin in a standing position. The scene culminates with Kyler on his knees between the two guys for a double facial cumshot in her open mouth.

Format: mp4
Video: 1920x1080

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