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Release Year: 2011
Cast: Karlie Montana, Risi Simms, Sammie Rhodes
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Video language: English

After interviewing a few girls, Sammie and Karlie decided that Risi was the best candidate for the newly open pussy licking position.
During the interview, Risi revealed that she loved strap on dildos and getting her ass licked. Sammie and Karlie seduced Risi and had their way with her. They sucked her perky tits and wet tight pussy until she had a massive orgasm.
Sammie got her strap on and fucked both of the girls. When it was time for Sammie to get hers, Risi and Karlie made her have multiple assgasms.

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Naughty Babe Invited Two Of Her Hot Girlfriends Over

Release Year: 2010
Cast: Melanie Rios, Melanie Jane, Shyla Jennings, Valerie Rios
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Sammie went out of town, so she had Melanie house sit for a few days. Melanie was extremely excited to have the place all to herself and wanted to have some fun. She invited two of her sexy friends over, Shlya and Valerie.

After revealing some of their fantasies, the girls started getting comfortable. They eventually licked and tongue fucked each other.

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Release Year: 2012
Cast: Jessi Andrews, Malena Morgan, Mia Malkova
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Malena bought crochet bikinis for Miia, Jessica and herself. The girls looked stunning in them but after admiring each others amazing physique and how the bikini beautifully accentuated every curve, Malena's ulterior was revealed.

She had the girls feel comfortable with one another in a revealing outfit before seducing and undressing them. Malena's ploy was flawlessly executed and as a result, she and her sexy friends enjoyed an all out ass and pussy licking orgy.

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Playful Sexy Babes Get Into The 69 Position And Go At It

Release Year: 2012
Cast: Avril Hall, Malena Morgan
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Malena is taking a swim while Avril is napping on the patio. Malena cant take her eyes off of Avril. Malena thinks Avril looks adorable as she sleeps. This gets Malenas juices flowing and she cant resist. She gets out of the pool and lays next to Avril and starts kissing her.

The kissing gets hotter and hotter until Malena goes down of Avril removing her bikini bottom to show a perfectly shaved pussy. Avril wants to give something back so she proceeds to eat Malenas ass and pussy.
Malena fills Avrils mouth and requests her to drink her pussy juices as she cums. Malena then wants Avril to sit on her face. They get into the 69 position and go at it. As Avril turns around to lay with Malena afterwards she licks the cum she left off of Malenas face.

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Girlsway – Nobody’s Ever Gonna Hurt You Again

Release Year: 2020
Studio: Girlsway
Cast: Alina Lopez, Evelyn Claire
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Evelyn Claire is emptying the washing machine when she pulls out a dress that's been ruined by the machine. She immediately starts to panic. 'Oh, my god... No, please no! Oh no, she's gonna be at me!' It's clear she's afraid of severe consequences for the dress being ruined.
Hearing this, her girlfriend, Alina Lopez, peeks into the room and asks her what's wrong. Panicking, Evelyn tries to explain, 'I-I'm so sorry, the machine ruined your dress... I-I don't know what happened, I swear it was an accident!' Alina tries to calm Evelyn, saying it's really no big deal but as she takes a step towards her, Evelyn instinctively flinches away.
It's clear that Alina's heart breaks for Evelyn, her expression empathetic. She avoids raising her voice so as not to scare Evelyn any further, who is clearly emotionally scarred. Alina quietly tries to assure Evelyn that everything's okay and she's not mad, until Evelyn relaxes and apologizes for pulling back. Alina opens her arms, silently offering a hug, and Evelyn relaxes more and makes the first move, tentatively cuddling into her.
Evelyn meekly apologizes for acting so dumb but Alina firmly yet kindly asserts that she's not dumb and that it's not her fault. Alina goes on to say that she knows Evelyn's ex had a short temper... but Alina will hurt Evelyn. Alina knows it'll take time for Evelyn to recover, but she will be there every step of the way.
Evelyn is moved by the reassurance, insisting that she's so happy to have Alina in her life. A comforting kiss between them lingers and soon leads to more.

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