Miss Little One Night Stand

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Molly Little came to Miami for spring break. Already on the first evening, she had made money, just walking home after a one-night stand, when the proverbial white van pulled up next to her. Since she was originally from Tennessee, she didn't know the urban legends of white vans, and it seemed a little strange to her that strangers were offering her $100, but this was Miami, after all. So they gave her $100 for her phone number. Another $100 for her pretty friend's phone number. Then $300 for panties. But where will she change? In the bus? Of course. She lowers her pants, pulls off her panties. Ends the sale. She wants to put her pants back on, but the guys rain another gazillion dollars on her. So yes, of course, she agreed to remain naked. Then Dan Damage took out his dick and it turned out to be gigantic. All the penises she had before were just tiny compared to this one. She was intrigued. She was curious. She took it in her mouth and sucked. Then he cautiously entered her like a missionary. Once she got used to the size, she climbed on top of him and rode that cock like a cowgirl. They fucked for a long time in a moving bus, and in the end he smeared her face..

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